Technology Boards

AJB: Advanced Jet Bottom Technology This Shape-Detail describes a double concave channel on the  base side of the board. It allows the board to plane more freely and earlier. The profile of the double concave is not a simple radius. The Spleene developed Advanced Jet Bottom has a parabolic shape. Compared to a normal double concave the Advanced Jet Bottom provides significantly more “edge bite” as it channels the waterflow along its edges. Even in choppy conditions the difference is very noticeable. The Evolution of the bottom side shape see here.


BRL: Beveled Rail A slightly lift egdewise at the base side which generates a lot more comfort in choppy conditions and more comfort.


CCN: Carbon Construction The Spleene Boards receive their huge performance by the application of high-quality carbon in the laminate construction.


CDO: Concave Door Outline The concave outline enables to ride at an extreme angle to the wind with all Doors.


CXL: Carbon-X Layer A diagonally arranged carbon stripe eliminates torsion and generates clearly more pop at the rs boards.


DFC: Dynamic Flex Control We have tested all Spleene boards many many times to setup the flex. The layers of the fibreglass are seperated in zones and decreasing towards the tips. With that construction we can control the flex really precise. You don´t have burning legs or hurting ankles even after long sessions.


FCR: Full Center Rail The more solid edge in the centre of the board prevents effectively from miscutting.


FSR: Flat Scoop Rocker For ultimate manoeuvrability and early planing ability at all Doors.


FST: Full Suspension Tips All our boards are equipped with the by Spleene developed Full Suspension Tips providing maximum flex where it is needed, at the tips around the fin-area. The results are improved suspension characteristics and better shock absorption, which lead to more control and ride-comfort.


HDF: High Definition Flex A precisely dimensioned laminate construction gives you the absolute comfort at all HT-Boards and at the maximum pop at rs boards.


NNT: Needle Nose Tip The Spleene RIP & rs boards have a much more narrow outline at the Tipps compare other boards on the market. You get more speed and more control. While jumping you can push the board better into the water with less power so you get more tension on your lines. The effect is a much higher jump.


PSR: Progressive Scoop-Rocker For really early planing and riding easily through lulls.


SAR: Spray Anticipating Rail There´s no spray water anymore because of the more narrow outline.


S3D: Stepless 3D Deck Stepless 3D-Shape on top side. All transitions are without any step. This results simultaneously in a clear reduction of weight.


TSO: Three Stance Option All Spleene boards have a three stance option, so you can setup your board 100% personally.


TUE: Tucked Under Edge A bend in the rounded rail at the senter section gives more speed and prevents from spray.


T3C: Twin 3D-Woodcore All Spleene Boards are produced with a form-glued, CNC-milled woodcore.